Unlock iPhone 4 And Enjoy The Benefits!

Are you wondering why most iPhone owners prefer an unlock iPhone 4? If you are living in America, then chances are that you bought your iPhone 4 with an AT&T contract (in UK, it’s O2). While there’s no really harm in getting contracts from reputable phone carriers, the services they offer are limited by the provisions of the contract. So there’s nothing you can do if you are not satisfied with their services.

Here are some fallacies that make consumers think it’s better not to unlock iPhone 4

1. The iPhone 4 won’t work on other phone carriers. It’s true that a locked iPhone 4 won’t work on other carriers – but then again it is the primary reason why you are unlocking your iPhone in the first place. To unlock iPhone 4 is to disable its internal restrictions that prevent owners from using SIM cards from other networks. Even carriers can’t prevent unlocked phones from opting to subscribe to them. You can even unlock your iPhone 4 and retain your subscription contract without the phone carrier knowing anything about it.

2. An operator’s subsidy lowers the overall cost of the iPhone 4. Until the iPhone 5 comes out, the iPhone 4 remains Apple’s most powerful and most expensive mobile device. Because of its high cost, some consumers believe that they are actually getting their iPhone 4 at a cheaper price – not knowing that they are paying more in the long run. What these subsidies do is lower your ‘cash-out’ when you purchase the phone. So it’s just like buying a car with a low-down payment deal – which we all know would yield higher installments. The only difference is that with phone contracts, you have to pay the monthly service cost, even if you are not using the service at all.

3. Carrier-locked phones are optimized for that specific carrier, thus providing better service. When a phone is locked, it may appear as if the device is optimized to a certain carrier when it only activates the features of your phone. As the iPhone 4 is a very powerful mobile device, it has a set of carrier-dependent features. This means that a certain feature can only be activated if your phone carrier has the technology or infrastructure to handle such features. These include 3G mobile internet connection, MMS capability, and video calling, among others.

4. Contracts from phone operators offer great deals that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. There is some truth to this statement – because in a certain country or location, your iPhone 4 can only be locked by a single phone network (for the simple reason that they have partnered with Apple prior to the launch of your iPhone 4). But to say that you won’t find similar package deals on other networks is only a result of a marketing ploy to lure consumers into getting these deals. Bear in mind that most of these carriers, especially those big ones like T Mobile and AT&T are very competitive. In fact most of the services of one carrier mirror those that are being offered by the other. And it’s not just the services. It also includes similar pricing.

You have the right to Unlock your iPhone 4

If you can buy an iMac computer and choose your ISP (internet service provider), then it’s only fair that you can buy an iPhone 4 and choose the phone network you would like to subscribe to. After making a one-time payment, you can instantly download the unlock software. Now, connect your iPhone 4 to either a computer or Mac (depending on what you have at home). You will see a pop up message saying that the system detects your device. Just close it. It is also this time that you have to turn the phone off, in preparation for the jailbreaking process. Start the unlock software and run the jailbreak process. The first stage of jailbreaking is putting your iPhone 4 in DFU mode. Follow the onscreen instructions, after which you have to wait for the process to finish. After a few minutes, your iPhone 4 will need to restart and when it does, your iPhone 4 is already jailbroken.

So what’s the best deal for an iPhone 4?

Remember that: an unlocked iPhone 4 can work on other phone carriers; the contract price doesn’t really bring the price down of your mobile device; features are phone based and not the result of phone carrier optimization; and a bang-for-buck phone contract deal can be had on any network operator– it boils down to your personal preference. Unlocking and jailbreaking your iPhone 4 are probably the two best things you can do on your iPhone 4. But if the process proved to be too much for you, an unlock software that offers a risk-free, money-back guaranteed solution is probably what you need.

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Once your iPhone 4 is unlocked, you can find a better deal from other network operators. This is the primary benefit of unlocking your iPhone – you can instantly switch to another phone carrier with no strings attached. And with the iPhone 4 unlock software, you don’t have to regularly check basebands and firmwares – the software is regularly updated and you’ll know it right away through its customer service team.

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