How To Unlock iPhone 4.0.2 – The Best Method Revealed

Do you know what Unlock Iphone 4.0.2 is?  If not, then you might want to consider having it done for your most favorite gadget.  Unlocking your Iphone will certainly bring you many disadvantages and no disadvantages at all.  If you want to know more, then finish reading this article.  There just might be a few things here that you might find useful.

Unlock Iphone 4.0.2 – Why Your Favorite Gadget Should Have It

Did you know that you can actually make your phone even more feature-packed by getting it unlocked?  There are many benefits that you can get from having your Iphone unlocked – and all that you have to do is to look at the most excellent unlocking methods that you can get hold of.

More often than not, an Iphone is usually bundled with one network exclusively – which means that you can only use the services of this network alone and no one else.  Fortunately, by unlocking your Iphone – this need not be an issue at all.

What Are The Unlocking Methods That You Can Avail Of?

Unlock Iphone 4.0.2 – Hardware Installation

What you’ll need:

1.    Computer Chip – this usually costs $100 to $200.  This is used primarily to override the download restrictions that are usually set by Apple and the network provider that has been bundled with your Iphone upon purchase.

2.    Iphone Opening Tools – the Iphone has special screws and bolts for protection.  Hence, if you want to open your Iphone up – having this set of tools is necessary to avoid having any damage inflicted on your Iphone.


1. Buy a computer chip.  Make sure that it will fit with the specific version that your Iphone has.  You can usually buy this at most computer shops.

2. Open your Iphone using your Iphone opening tools.  Make sure that your phone is turned off before doing this.

3. Install the computer chip in your Iphone.  Make sure to place the chip in the exact area that it should be placed.  If you do not have any knowledge about this, it would be best to do some research first.

4. Place a SIM card of another network in your Iphone.  It would be best if you tried networks which unlocked Iphones normally do not accept.  This will be useful as you try to check if the unlocking is successful later on.

5. Turn your Iphone on.  This will reboot your Iphone.  If your Iphone accepts the SIM card, then your Iphone is unlocked.  Congrats!

Unlock Iphone 4.0.2 – Software Installation

What you’ll need:

1.    Jailbreaking software – this is needed because before an Iphone can be unlocked, it must be jailbroken first.

2.    Unlocking Software – this will be the software that you will be using to unlock your Iphone after it is jailbroken.

3.    Computer – this will synchronize the unlocking process with your Iphone.


1. Open your Iphone’s browser.  Find a jailbreaking software to jailbreak your Iphone.  Make sure that the software that you will be using will be compatible with your Iphone firmware.

2. Run the software to jailbreak your phone.  Afterwards, go to Settings>General>Network.  Then, turn off 3G.  Install Cydia.

3. Find Cydia in your Iphone springboard – and run its program.  Go to search and type the URL of the unlocking program that you want to use.

4. Restart your Iphone to reboot for reconfiguration of the new settings.

5. Using Cydia, find the unlocking software in the Iphone springboard, install it and Run it.  This will unlock your Iphone automatically.

Unlock Iphone 4.0.2 – Why Using Computer Software Is Better

As discussed above, you will see that unlocking Iphones through a computer software is better, safer and more affordable.  There are many computer programs all over that you can use for this end – but what is essential is that you are able to get the best among the rest.

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Indeed, unlocking your Iphone through a software program is the wiser choice.

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