How To Unlock IPhone 4.0 With Ease – How To Guide

Are you on the lookout for methods to Unlock IPhone 4.0 which is by the way hard to find? You are just one of the many individuals who are discovering the world of having an unlock iPhone 4.0 and it is something that will be worth your while.

Having an unlock iPhone 4.0 has a lot of benefits that is why many are opting for to have one. it would be great to have lesser monthly phone expenses. No pun meant but with the current trend in our economy, this would be a great time to have a bit of belt tightening. Being thrifty does not mean that we have to give up our trendy gadgets when we still have a choice to use it with lesser costs.

Before you can unlock your cell phone, you will need to have to jailbreak it first. Many individuals think that jailbreak and unlocking are the same. Actually, theses processes do differ from each other. Let us get a closer look at these two.

  • Jailbreak – is the process that will allow software to be installed in your iPhone unit and this particular process is actually being prevented by Apple. But with software for jailbreak you will be able to start installing various apps, games, tools, and use some of your iPhone’s features.
  • Unlock – before you can unlock your iPhone you will need to jailbreak it first and this process will allow you to install SIM card from other network provider in your area. If you are going out of the country, you will still be able to use your iPhone without any hitch.

How To Unlock IPhone 4.0

1. The first rule is to make backup copies of all the important data in your phone because this will ensure that you will not lose anything important in the process.

2. Then make sure that iPhone has undergone the process of jailbreak because you will need Cydia.

3. You will need to launch Cydia Installer and then press the Manage Tab.

4. Then you will see the Services Tab, just press it.

5. An Edit Tab will appear at the upper right corner of iPhone’s screen.

6. Put in the URL of the software to unlock your iPhone. By the way you can get this online for free. But it is quite risky since it might not be reliable at all.

7. Then you can return to Cydia and press Done Tab.

8. Go back to the URL you just added then select the software and then you can start installation.

9. Once you have successfully installed the software, just return to Cydia.

10. Switch off your unit and turn it on again. Then you can try inserting your choice of SIM and see if it really works.

There are other choices for you, one can buy an unlock iPhone which will help you forego of unlocking it on your own. The only problem seen in this one is that the unit you are buying is not guaranteed to be brand new and there are even possibilities that some of its parts have been already changed with old ones.

A Guaranteed Way To Have Unlock IPhone 4.0

Why go to all that trouble searching on the net for different software, one for jailbreak and one to unlock your unit. Yes, you only need single software to do these two processes and there is indeed highly recommended software that can both jailbreak and unlock your unit. It has been proven effective by many iPhone users and it comes with a detailed guideline that will make things easy for you.

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With a guaranteed way to have an unlock iPhone 4.0, everything will become easier and you can have added features and tools on your unit without the extra cost.

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